How to Become a Lawyer in Texas

Law is one of the most successful and respected professional fields. Attorneys are often engaged by corporate firms, government and individuals for legal representation (Civil and Criminal). However, laws vary from country to country and at times from state to state; which means a lawyer needs to pass different tests and meet various requirements before becoming eligible to practice. Nevertheless, the general requirements are the same everywhere. An aspirant needs to go through an accredited law school before passing a local bar exam. After certification from the local bar, the attorney is usually free to seek employment in law firms and other organizations.


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    Get a bachelor’s degree

    Before you get into a law school, you need to get a bachelor’s degree. Obtain a list of Bachelor programs available in the state of Texas and choose one which will help you develop speaking skills and focuses on law. Your bachelor’s degree will assist you when you take up law school.

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    Graduate from law school

    You need to apply for admission to a law school before you can move further. However, you will be required to furnish an LSAT (Law School Admissions Council Test) score in your application. Look up the law schools in Texas and plan your admission, you may be required to take the test a few months early.

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    Take the Texas State Bar Exam

    The Texas State Bar exam needs to be passed before you can start working as an Attorney. The exam is difficult and you should prepare for at least two to three months before taking it. The Texas State Bar’s website can help you schedule the test.

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    Submit Background check

    Applicants are required to furnish background checks, certifying high moral and ethical standards.

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    Start applying for positions

    Once you have cleared the Texas State Bar exam, you can start applying for Attorney positions. Create a resume first. The resume should have all your details, academic records and objectives. You can visit the Texas State Bar website and post your resume there (they have a section called the ‘career centre’). The website also has a search feature which lets you search for positions in different law firms, organizations and government agencies.

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