How to Become a Member of the House of Lords

The House of Lords come together in the Palace of Westminster and is also known as the upper house of the Parliament. The members of House of Lords work separately from the House of Commons and they consult and work together to make new laws and they also monitor the actions taken by the British Government. The Members of House of Lords are seen as prestigious people and they are appointed members not the elected ones. People falling under certain categories can become the members of House of Lords. The new induction for the members of the House of Lords are made under the 1999 House of Lords Act and by the House of Lords Appointments Commission. There are number of different routes that can be followed to become member of House of Lords and all of these routes are briefly described in following steps.


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    The membership of House of Lords is awarded to the former Speakers of House of Commons.

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    Ad Hoc Announcements

    Ad Hoc announcements are the membership honours for appointed ministers who are not the member of House of Lords and they are appointed on ad hoc basis.

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    Political lists / Working Honours

    The membership of House of Lords is also awarded to some political figures who attend the House regularly. They are also called as Working Peers.

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    Archbishops and Bishops

    There are 26 memberships reserved for the bishops so whenever a vacancy comes up, it is given to the most senior serving bishop.

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    Resignation Honours

    Resignation Honours are the memberships given to political advisor and fellow politicians of a resigning Prime Minister. These persons must be recommended by the Resigning Prime Minister to be eligible for the membership.

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    House of Lords Appointments Commission

    The House of Lords Appointment Commission was established in 2000 and it recommends non political individuals for a life time honour membership.

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    Dissolution Honours

    The Dissolution Honours is held at the end of Parliament duration and the memberships are offered to some MPs from all the parties given that they are going to leave the House of Commons.

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