How to Become a Petroleum Engineer

If you are planning on becoming a petroleum engineer, keep in mind that it is by no means an easy thing to accomplish. This is because it requires a very high level of dedication to studies as well as long hours of training in the field. However, if you successfully graduate as a petroleum engineer, you would have absolutely no difficulty in finding a job. As a matter of fact, petroleum engineering is a highly paid field which ensures that you would get fair reward for your hard work during college years.



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    Put in your best efforts to get impressive grades while you are in high school. Pay special attention to subjects related to sciences such as math, computer science, chemistry, physics and economics.

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    After passing high school, look for a college that offers a petroleum engineering program; most of the colleges do, so finding the right college would be pretty easy. The Colorado School of Mines and Louisiana State University are two of the best institutes that offer undergraduate programs in petroleum engineering.

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    Decide the direction you would want your career to take because you would have plenty of options to choose from. Extracting petroleum involves various aspects and thus petroleum engineering has multiple subfields. It is the responsibility of a drilling engineer to determine the best possible way of extracting petroleum whereas a production engineer is responsible for maintaining and optimizing well performance after it has been drilled. If such subfields do not fascinate you, consider taking on a course that addresses worker safety or environmental concerns.

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    Students who plan on continuing their training need to choose a graduate program at this point. Almost all of the schools that offer undergraduate studies in petroleum engineering offer graduate programs as well. This means you would not have to face difficulty in finding a graduate program in the relative discipline.

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    After you have successfully graduated as a petroleum engineer, use a powerful search engine such as Google or Bing in order to search for job openings in your desired sub-field. If you are willing to work in a country rich in crude oil, there would always be an international job opening for you. There are numerous websites that have job opening listing from all over the world; Info Oil being one such website.

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