How to Become a Song Writer

Composition and music adjustments are important indeed, but sometimes you love a song just because if its lyrics. Have you ever wondered who writes the super hit numbers of starts like Akon, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Many singers mostly hire special lyricists.

By writing a good song, you can become famous overnight. And eventually, you will be rubbing elbows with the mega singing stars. As far as the money is required, you can earn a lot as a song writer.

Besides royalties for life, a good song can help you make thousands of dollars. As a lyricist, you are just required to write the song. Singing, recording and promotion are not your job at all.

There are a couple of different techniques involved in song writing. Sometimes, the musician prepares a composition and asks the lyricist to write accordingly. The other technique is to write the song before making a piece of music.


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    To become a song writer, you initially need to create a unique idea. Think of a exceptional topic that you feel would attract the audience. You can buy a book called ‘"Songwriting for Dummies" to learn the basics of song writing. There are thousands of topics to choose from.

    A nice song can be written about love and romance. On the other hand, you can highlight the social and ethnic issues just like Michael Jackson. Folks also show interest in songs related to historic events.

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    Now, prepare a list of catchy and fascinating words about the topic that you have selected for song writing. Since you are a beginner, this step is important to make your song appealing.

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    When start writing, you first of all need to create an attractive ‘chorus’. Let your imagination go wild and write everything that comes to your mind. Sit at a quiet place and let the ideas flow.

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    Once you build an attractive idea about your chorus, it is the time to do experiments. Try to put catchy words to make your chorus as strong as possible.

    The main chorus is very important, because nobody will bother to read the rest of the song if the first stanza is not attractive. When replacing a word with another one, make sure the flow does not suffer.

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    Write at least three stanzas as poetic as possible. Once you done, take opinion of others. A person who is already writing songs professionally can help you improve your writing significantly.

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