How To Become a Staffing Agency

In this era of globalisation, more and more companies have placed heavy reliance in outsourcing their activities as this enables them to concentrate more on their core activities. The recruitment process is one of the most hectic activities for almost every organisation as gathering CVs and short listing suitable candidates and then choosing best ones among them is not only an exhaustive activity but also requires the utilisation of resources.

If you are willing to start a staffing business, you should make a feasibility report for yourself, to make sure whether you can afford it or not. Do not forget to assess yourself for the suitable skills required for the business and remember that without dedication, no one can achieve success.

It should be kept in mind that having strong and appropriate relations are the key to success in this business. You should work hard in making contacts with local businesses and employers as your business is highly dependent on this. You should forecast your expenses and have ample cash for the next six months to safeguard the business.


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    Choose a suitable name for your staffing business and visit the website of your Secretary of State to register your business as DBA- Doing Business As. You will be required to provide your employer tax identification number, business permits and license number. After you choose the name, fill in the required particulars and complete the process to register your business.

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    You will be required to pay a fee for registration and this varies from city to city. Complete the business license application and remember that if you want to hire a couple of people to assist you in your business, you will be required to enlist their names on the form as well.

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    Get your Employer ID number as you will require it to hire people. If you enlisted your business as a sole proprietor, you can use your social security number.

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    Make a list of all the office equipment you require to furnish your office. Be sure that nothing is left behind and order all that stuff. Remember you will need plenty of computers, printers and fax machines as these are necessary to run a business.

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    As it is the requirement of your business, therefore, you will be required to keep record of all the data. Make sure you have a proper filing system.

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    Make and improve your relations with the local business and job seekers.

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    Hire the staff for your company and you are good to go.

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