How to Become a Stock Puller

Wholesale and retail industries are two of the biggest industries in the world. We need and will always want groceries and other items of everyday use such as clothing, shoes, school supplies and what not. So even in times of economic trouble, these industries will sustain and possibly thrive if people want to focus more on essentials of life rather than luxuries.

The job market in merchandising industry may have slowed down by the way of new job creation compared to previous years; it still very much is active though. There is a demand of personnel who can provide their services to this ever growing industry.

Stock pullers perform an important task of keeping track of inventory and pull it out when an order is placed or is needed to be moved. Warehouses are crucial for both the wholesale and retail businesses and having the right people working in them is crucial for success.

If you want to join the industry as a stock puller, you can and it also offers a decent livelihood.


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    Physical Shape

    Although it will not be the eventual deciding factor you should go be a stock puller or not, it is an important consideration. The work of a stock puller requires a fair amount of physical labour and you are going to be required to carry weights as well as deal with stuff placed in awkward places. You should be at least having a certain physical shape to be able to perform these tasks.

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    The training for stock pullers is mainly on job. You can start with working as a stock clerk in smaller stores where you will get an idea on how the whole process works and you will be able to prepare for the bigger stage.

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    Which Industry

    You will get an idea that which industry will suit you once you have done a couple of jobs and you should follow the job opportunities of that industry more than others. It is always a good idea to get a job in the field of your liking.

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    Do apply once you see an advertisement in the newspaper or the official website of the companies who may require stock pullers. Do drop of your resume at stores of these companies as many hire even without advertising if they find a suitable candidate. So it’s always a good idea to stay in touch, you never know when you get your call.

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