How to Become a Stock Unloader

Stock loading and unloading involves physical work, but it is not necessary that one has to perform i.e. picking up heavy packages, with hands as lifters of different types are nowadays used for the task. Yet the basic job function is unloading stock from the delivery vans or trucks, storing it on the shelves in an orderly manner so that it is easy to access and put back. Sometime you may also be required to keep an inventory record of the stock, but it is often the job of stock taker or clerk to maintain the record of the stock.

One of the most important aspect of the stock unloading is health and safety. You should be aware of all health and safety guidelines and implement them at all cost. For example, it is a must for you to wear safety equipment while handling the stock to avoid even the slightest possibility of an injury. Generally a stock unloader is given a brief or in detail an introduction to health and safety guidelines and issued all necessary safety equipment. At no stage you should consider yourself safe without wearing safety equipment.

In addition, an ability to respond to and to an extend handling of an emergencies is a plus in this job. For example, in case of an injury or an alert alarm because of a fire or any other reason you should be able to immediately communicate to your supervisors and in some cases to relevant authorities. You can become a stock unloader in your local store or warehouse.


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    Some Basic Education

    You should have some basic education i.e. basic mathematical skills. Ability to count, add and minus things quickly is essential for this job, especially if you are required to listing record of products or an inventory of the stock you have unloaded during your shift.

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    Ability to Communicate

    An ability to communicate with your immediate supervisor is a must. For example, if you are a foreign worker in the US, you should be able to speak as much English so that can communicate with your boss or authorities in case of emergencies. A language barrier can be devastating some time.

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    Good Judgement

    You might be required often to handle the stock on your own, without a helper. In such situations you are totally dependent on your judgement. You should have a good judgement, but avoid doing a job if you have a slightest doubt that you can handle it properly.

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    Knowledge of Health and Safety Guidelines

    Handling of stock involves health and safety of workers more than it does in some other jobs. So be fully aware of health and safety guidelines and implement them during all the time and at all costs. For example, do not stop using safety equipment at any time. Also take care of health and safety of other workers.

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    Ability To Respond in Emergencies

    If you have a natural ability to effectively respond in emergencies, it is a great help in doing your job. In case of any accident you should be able to seek help from the relevant departments quickly and manage the situation by yourself as much as you can but do not violate rules in such situations. For example in case of a fire, you give yourself priority in exit to safe place.

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