How to Become a UPS Driver

United Parcel Service driver job: UPS is an internationally renowned parcel service that has operations the world over. It provides good pays, great benefits and flexibility. If you can join the organization, you will certainly be making a good career move.

Which job you will be joining is entirely up to you and will also be depending on your education level and experience. The most common UPS job is that of drivers. The drivers have a good package but they are also expected to perform certain duties that may be physically demanding. The process is simple and one can get the job by following the right route.

Continue to read below on how you can get a job as a UPS parcel delivery driver.


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    Have the Skills

    Be sure that you have the right driving skills. You do not want to be applying for the job if you are unable to lift some weight, generally a minimum of 70lbs is the requirement or not fond of long driving hours. These two are essential to the job and one must possess these skills in order to be a UPS driver.

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    You can apply when positions are advertised in the newspapers. You can also visit a local UPS centre to drop off you resume or apply online in the careers section of the website. Let the organisation know that you are interested in working with them.

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    Pass Physical Requirements

    The company requires that the drivers have no visible tattoos, have hair no longer than their shoulder or support a beard. You must also be able to life at least 70lbs as you will have to move packages that are quite heavy on a regular basis.

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    Training School

    Enrol in a programme with a UPS Service Provider Training School that offers a six day long course for potential drivers. Here you are trained on how to operate UPS package cars and to operate the electronic system for package processing, known as the delivery information acquisition device. It is operated by all drivers in UPS.

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    Pass the Tests

    You will have a driving skills test and other tests as well that you will have to pass. Make sure that you do well and as per the expectation of the supervisors since their input will be crucial for you to get employed.

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    Make sure that you perform well during the 90 day probation period and are employed on a permanent basis afterwards.

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