How to Become a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The demand for Workers’ Compensation Lawyers is constantly growing. When a worker gets injured due to their jobs, they turn to a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for help. The lawyer represents them and tries to get some sort of settlement from the workers employers. Being a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is all about helping workers and also facilitating employers about unsafe working conditions or policies. Often times employers are not aware of unsafe conditions and only after something happens to a worker and a lawyer gets involved, does the company find out that there might be something wrong. If you want to help workers and feel that you have what it takes then becoming a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can be a rewarding career choice for you.


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    Identify and Attend Law School:

    The first step towards becoming a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is to go to law school. Research and make a list of all the Law Schools that focus on Worker’s Compensation. Getting in to college can be challenging, but if you work hard and study, then you could hopefully get a scholarship or financial aid to help you with your needs.

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    Prepare for Law School Admission Test:

    It is very important to properly prepare for the Law School Admission Test to help you get in to the school that you are focused upon. Buy preparatory books and study hard to hopefully do well in the test.

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    Take Workers’ Compensation Electives:

    After going through your preliminary college courses start to pick Workers’ Compensation Electives to help you prepare in that legal area. Take as many courses on Workers’ Compensation to build up a good understanding of all the rules and regulations.

  • 4

    Do a Summer Internship:

    During the summer it is important to find a solid internship with an organisation that specialises in Workers’ Compensation Law. This internship will give you real world working experience and help develop your knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Law. Remember to work hard because where you do your internship can also be a potential employer for you after you graduate.

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    Prepare and Take the Bar Exam:

    In order to become a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, prepare to take and pass the Bar Exam. A good idea is take a study group or separate course regarding the Bar Exam.

  • 6

    Look for a Job:

    Once you graduate and pass the Bar Exam you will have to start looking for a competitive job. Identify and approach Law Firms that specialise in Workers’ Compensation Law. Also, where you interned over the summer can become a potential employer as well.

  • 7

    Start to Practice Law:

    Building up associates and taking on various Workers’ Compensation cases will definitely help you develop your legal network.

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