How to Become a Wrestler for WWE

A lot of people want to become a professional wrestler for World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) as they watched Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker or Hulk Hogan on TV as a kid. Some idolise Rey Mysterio and want to do the things he does in the ring as others are inspired by John Cena, who has also established himself in Hollywood. You should know that getting into the WWE is almost like any major league sport such as football and baseball. It is vital to learn to hit your opponent, avoid injuries, be physically strong and know how to act. Check out these tips if you want to become a wrestler for the WWE.


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    Getting started

    You need to play a sport other than wrestling. Majority of the WWE wrestlers started out as athletes playing hockey, football or some other sport. Remember you do not need to be a top athlete but you should have good stamina as a wrestling match can be very tough. After that, sign up for amateur wrestling in school. This will certainly help your cause, even though a background in competitive wrestling is not a necessity. Many wrestlers in the WWE once got their start from amateur wrestling.

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    Register yourself at a wrestling school

    Find and register yourself at a nearby professional wrestling school. The WWE has no affiliation with any school nor do they sponsor them. Be sure to gain as much ring knowledge as possible from these wrestling schools. On the other hand, attend acting or speech classes to groom yourself. It is important to understand that WWE wrestling is a combination of acting and sports.

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    Become a professional wrestler

    Give a trial at an independent wrestling organisation and gradually move up the ladder. Try out for Ohio Valley wrestling situated in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the WWE training ground and a lot of their wrestlers visit the facility. You can start out by performing in front of the fans and then move on to televised matches. If you can prove yourself, there is a good chance that the scouts for the WWE might approach you.

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