How to Become an International Lawyer

With the growing ties among different nations, the demand for international lawyers has considerably increased. To improve the relationship and make sure that the agreed terms are being followed properly, expert international lawyers are required. Most of the times, these agreements are in written form while in some cases they are implied. The implied terms may include the recognition of moral and ethical responsibilities toward a particular nation or not involving in the activities that include killing of their officials.

There are different kinds of international law, the most important being ‘public international law’ which focuses on the international criminal law and relates to the United Nations. The practices governed by Human Rights Watch also fall under the category of public international law. In contrast, there is another type called Private international law that focuses on the laws governed by other nations and how they are practiced.

In order to choose your career as an international lawyer, you should decide what option is best for you according to your calibre and ability and then choose wisely.


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    The journey starts from choosing suitable courses in your undergraduate program. Do not forget to study public relations or political science. Make sure if you want to work in a specific region, you should learn their language.

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    After your graduate program is complete, you should take admission in the best law schools that should be among the top law schools in your country, as earning your degree from a recognised national institute helps a lot in the commencement of your career.

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    Work hard in law school and try to get maximum grades or CGPA. Remember that a CGPA of 3.5 and above is considered impressive and helps you in getting better positions in your career.

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    If your law school offers you the chance of study abroad program, do not waste your time and go for it. If available, then you will find this option in the resource section of your law school.

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    Try the option of becoming a summer associate in a reputed law firm.

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    After passing your exams, the important step is to pass the bar exam, which is a three day test. You should study hard and prepare well so you could pass the exam and become an attorney.

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    After clearing the bar exam, join a law firm of your choice.

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