How to Become an Oracle Consultant

In this current day and age, businesses as well as government organisations are highly relying on the modern technology that is on offer. The introduction of data analyses at a wider scale with the help of software’s that have been made a few decades back has totally changed the business scene.

Oracle has been one of the pioneers of this revolution and the demand of Oracle experts is always moving up as more and more people are switching to Oracle so that they can have better information at hand and better system controls.

Being an Oracle consultant takes a bit of an effort but it pays well and it totally worth the effort. It is not very easy but it is something that can be very much doable.


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    Contact Oracle

    Oracle is said to cater to 40% of the world’s database solutions market. That is a seriously big chunk and the company has its presence all over the world. You can contact the local Oracle office and ask them if they offer training services or about their partners who are offering these services in your area of residence. You can get in touch and get all the necessary information for obtaining a certification.

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    Line of Work

    Decide that which line of work you want to adopt or are already associated with. Oracle offers a wide variety of options and has numerous modules that cater the needs of each business related field. If you are experienced in a certain field, it is best that you further expand your expertise in that field when you start learning Oracle. Do understand that what requirements of the various Oracle certifications are. This will give you an idea that if the given field will suit you or not.

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    Get Certified

    One you have the information that you need, the next thing to do is to get certified. You will need to learn and there are classes available which are a big help in learning. It is up to you whether you want to learn in a class room, over the internet or through a distance learning program. Make sure that you understand Oracle well and are prepared enough when you take the certification exam.

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    Gain Experience

    Ideally get an employment with an Oracle partner organisation that can teach you the tricks of the trade and you can learn the software and the hardware well. Grow through the ranks and make sure that you learn everything in the process so that once you step out as a consultant you do not have any problems related with the knowledge of the program.

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