How To Become Smart Tan Certified

Tanning is becoming an extremely popular fashion among people of all ages these days, with everyone making an effort to tone his/her skin complexion in a way that he/she can look more attractive and appealing.

You can make a lot of money by opening a tanning salon. However, it is not a very easy business because a tanning salon requires a high level of maintenance and regular cleaning. If you want to be a high-quality tan certified, you have to take into account a number of things. You have to ensure that tanning is fun for your customers; otherwise, they may prefer to go to a beach for tanning next time.


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    Get a license

    The first and most important step is to gain a tanning license. Contact your regional health department and take all information regarding the tanning license. In order to obtain the license, your salon should be able to meet the standards of the health department. The requirements may vary from state to state; therefore, you need to go through all the clauses carefully before filling the form.

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    Tanning equipment

    The equipment and the machines that you have acquired for your salon should be of the highest quality. These machines will be thoroughly inspected by the health department officers and if they feel that the equipment is not safe for customers, you will not get the license. Even if you are successful in obtaining the license, your salon will be examined by the health department after every six months.

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    Train the staff

    In order to run your tanning salon successfully, you would need a team of trained employees. If you are not able to find some experienced people, find men and women who are in need of a job and train them. They must have certificate of formal training regarding maintenance and operation of machines.

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    Find the perfect location

    People who go to tanning salons usually want to save time; otherwise, they would have gone to a beach. Therefore, it is imperative for you to find the perfect location for your tanning salon at the heart of the city, so that it is approachable for most people.

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    Build a rapport with the customers

    In order to run your tanning salon smartly, you must be able to build a good rapport with your customers. You may give special offers to your regular customers, so that they do not keep their options open.

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