How to Behave in a Library

Library is a place where people go to gather knowledge about different subjects. It is critical for you to understand the vitality of maintain the library decorum which is usually not followed by most of the students who visit the library once in a while especially closer to the exam days. You need to understand that you are not the only one who is present in the library. There are a lot of people from different respects and backgrounds are there and they are all present in the library to study in silence.


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    Maintain silence. You can’t just blabber in the library with your friends or anyone you know there. Other people will be disturbed by your talks and you would be thrown out of the library by the coordinator. A pin drop silence is to be maintained at the library. If you are there with some friends who are also studying and you want to ask something from them that you don’t understand, you have to whisper or talk is a hushed tone. No one else should hear what you said except the friend you addressed.

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    Keep your cell phone on silent. No ringtone should be activated which can cause trouble or sound during your tenure in the library. You can turn on the vibration mode of your cell phone to get notifications of any SMS or call but you can’t turn on the ringtone.

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    If you are listening to the music on your headphones while reading a novel, you need to keep the sound so low that only you are able to hear. You ears should know what is playing and no one else.

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    Never take any eatables or drinks to the library. All libraries prohibit any eatables or drinks and won’t allow you to enter but if you are cheeky enough to sneak something into the library, never open or eat it. You can take water with you. It is the only thing that should be consumed in the library.

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    Never highlight anything in the book that is borrowed from the library because it is not your property and different other people will be requiring the same material later on and the highlights can cause a bit of pain for them to understand.

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    Never damage anything in the library. Never tear off any page from the books.

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