How to Bid On Business Contracts

In some cases, a strong reference, mutual interest of both parties, or a word of mouth is more than enough to award a contract to a party. However, to improve the selection decision and promote transparency in the industry, most firms are now awarding contracts to the organisations on the basis of biddings. It depends from case to case, some organisations award the contract to lowest bidders, and some to highest while some award to bidders fall in the middle of minimum or maximum bid.

This solely depends on the organisations, as they have varied selection criteria for awarding contracts while there is an increasing trend in the dynamic bidding, where the bidding amount is subject to change with the variation in demand and supply.

Now, more organisations want to have a clear idea regarding the cost of goods with other vendors. For this, they demand a written document that outlines the details of everything. It might be hectic in the start, as the screening process can be very difficult, but after the screening process is complete they allow the vendors to quote their prices in a secret manner and usually, the lowest bidder takes the contract home. It really does not matter what type of industry you operate in, the bidding procedure remains the same.


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    Before bidding on a contract, you should know all about the company that is going to award the contract. It is recommended that you search for their operations and talk to the people who they frequently conduct business with. Knowing about their way of operating the business and terms and conditions always prove to be helpful.

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    You should also check their financial condition, making sure that the company is sound and stable and you money will not be dumped if you conduct business with them.

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    While bidding on a contract, you should enlist all the details including the equipment required for the job, the amount of material required and other costs.

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    After stating the cost of the contract, you should try to convince the company that you have the required skills and abilities to complete the contract in time. Providing the company your portfolio might help you in attracting the contract.

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    After you have quoted your bid, you should stay in touch with the person heading the bidding process. You must contact him after equal intervals of time to get latest updates about the bidding contract.

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