How to Book a Restaurant in London

Whether it’s a stag or hen night, friends reunion or any other party or event, organising such a night in a restaurant has remain a tricky affair in London. Therefore, booking for such parties or events should be made beforehand so that you wouldn’t face any embarrassment in front of your guests on the due date. It’ll also be a good idea if you let the venue management know that you need the place for a big party or other event before booking the site in order to ensure that bistro is suitable for such activity. Apart from these key points, booking of a restaurant in London involve other details too. If you are not aware of this process then, use our step by step guide to book a restaurant in London.


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    Check Budget

    In order to book a restaurant for small, medium parties or different functions or for dinner or lunch first you need to determine how deep you can go in your pocket to spend for such a reservation.

    After determining your budget, finalise the list of the guests whom you are looking to invite for the party. As you have estimated the budget beforehand therefore, your guests list has automatically trimmed down, so there is no need to revisit your guests list again in order to reduce some guests from it.

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    Search suitable restaurants

    Usually the selection of the restaurant will be made on the basis of the type of food it is offering and your budget. Here is the list of few venues in the British capital which are famous among the Londoners to organize a party or any other event.

    (a) Babylon at the Roof Gardens

    (b) Bavarian Beerhouse

    (c) Beach Blanket Babylon

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    Search Online

    For further research you can find different restaurants in London with the help of websites listed below:

    (a) Visit Square Meal Website
    (b) Visit Hardens Website
    (c) Visit London Eat Website

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    Check menu and price

    Aside from that some restaurants also offer customized menu, variety of drinks (including coffee and after drinks), first course (set after discussion with client), choice of main course (set after discussion with client), live entertainment (Djs or musicians) and valet parking.

    However, now most renowned restaurants in London have started charging premium for Saturday and Sunday evenings, so verify that with the bistro management before booking the venue.

    As far as lunch and weekend day events are concerned they are negotiable and depend upon menu, size of group, etc in most of the venues.

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    After selecting a bistro you can book the venue by

    a) visiting in person

    b) via phone

    c) online through restaurant website

    For all forms of booking, you have to provide number of guests, date and time of the party or event, type of seating arrangement you want and which area of restaurant you want to book for the party.

  • 6

    Make payment

    At the time of booking you have to deposit some advance and rest of the payment will made on the due date. Generally, the mode of payment is cash, cheque and all types of credit or debit cards.

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