How to Bottom Turn on a Surfboard

Surfing is considered to be one of the most fun things to do out on the beach. In fact, most people go to the beach just so they can spend time on the surf board, moving about and getting things done.

Surfing has also gone on to become an international sport, based on how successful it has been with people.

In order to master surfing, you need to be a good swimmer and you need to know how to balance yourself on the surf board. Now one of the harder things to do on the surf board, but yet a very basic surfing manoeuvre is the bottom turn. This bottom turn sees you turn the board with you being positioned near the base of the board.


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    In order to do anything, the first thing that you need to do is to go on and paddle out into the middle of the body of water. Go on and paddle out as far as you can, so that you are in the thick of things and ready to catch a wave or two, as you look to surf them. You can spend some time to observe other surfers, before you attempt to start surfing yourself.

    Paddle till to find a wave, then go on and ride it. As soon as the wave starts to move you forward, stand up on the board. Pick up speed by walking forward on the board.

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    Now go on and walk to the back of the board, just as you are about to get out of the wave. Now you need to move your body weight to the back foot, and use it as a pivot. Now push the board back into the water. You need to be far enough to easily turn the board, but not so far, so that you end up losing control.

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    Now go ahead and turn the board using the pivot that you have created via your foot. This is not going to be easy, so make sure you time this right. In order to not mess up, turn the board around so that you are going in the same direction that the wave is peeling in.

    Go on and repeat this step as many times as you want, as you look to master the turn on the surf board.

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