How to Bowl a Strike with a Straight Ball

Bowling is a tricky game, especially for those who want to learn different techniques for bowling a strike. Usually people bowl a strike by making the ball swing and it is quite common to see this practice in all bowling competitions. However, to bowl a strike with a straight ball is something more interesting as it makes it challenging to hit the target effectively.

However, by doing certain things and maintaining good balance, you can bowl a strike with a straight ball. If you have tried it before and failed to get positive results, try keeping a few tactics and methods in mind.


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    First of all, you need to learn the basics of releasing a straight ball, which goes straight at a 90 degrees angle. You also need to learn about how to hold the ball in a proper manner to avoid making it swing.

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    You should keep an eye on the target while making up your mind when releasing the bowling ball. It will help you keep the target in sight and will make it easier for you to bowl a strike with a straight ball.

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    Concentration is the most important aspect when releasing the ball. You need to aim at the second row of the target as it is the most effective area to bowl a strike with a straight ball.

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    Try to be as flexible and relaxed as possible as this plays a significant role in the smooth release of the ball. Do not try to put stress on any of your shoulders or arm muscles. It is very important to release the ball in a free fall manner which is quite effective when you are performing a straight ball release.

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    While releasing the ball, you need to make sure that you throw it when your bowling hand comes in front of you. If you release the ball from the side, it will lack power and you will not be able to bowl a strike with a straight ball.

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    Your chest and arm should also move in a straight 90 degrees angle which will produce the desired results. Make sure that after releasing the ball, you give a complete follow through by keeping your arm fully stretched in front of you.

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    Always try to maintain your balance, as that helps in throwing the ball in a perfect way and chances are high that you will bowl a strike with a straight ball.

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