How to Break Windows Administrator Password from DOS

The administrator user account in Microsoft Windows operating systems is the main root user account that has full access to your computer. You can troubleshoot your system by using administrator account. Sometimes, it happens that you are trying to troubleshoot or changing any specific settings, a pop up window appears to confirm the administrator password to proceed. Moreover, the same password window appears every time you log on to Windows. If you are tired of entering the password again and again, and you want to remove it, you can use Command Prompt utility to disable this feature. The Command Prompt utility uses DOS language to perform all the actions.


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    Turn on your computer and enter your administrator password when prompted. Instead of using administrator account, you can also use an account that has administrator privileges on your desktop computer.

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    Click on the start button on the left bottom corner of your taskbar and then click “Run” if you are using Microsoft Windows XP. Now, write “cmd” without and click “OK” button, or just hit the “Enter” key. This will open a new Command Prompt window on your screen.

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    If you are using Microsoft Windows 7, then you will not find the “Run” option available in the start menu. Just click on start and write “cmd”. It will automatically search for the Command Prompt execution file. Click on the Command Prompt icon that appears on top of the menu, or just hit the “Enter” key. The Command Prompt window will now be displayed on your screen.

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    In the Command Prompt window, write "net user administrator /active:no". Hit the “Enter” key and wait for the password to get disabled. Now, close the command prompt window and shut down your computer.

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    Turn on your computer, and you will notice that Windows will not ask you about the administrator password to log in to your account.

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    If you do not have administrator rights on your account, then you will see “System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied” error appearing on the Command Prompt screen. This means that you do not have privileges to complete that action. In such case, you might need to install a password cracking software in your system. SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is one of the best passwords breaking software available online.

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    Install the program and follow the instructions, to successfully break the administrator password.

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