How to Brush Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows if done properly accentuate your facial makeup. In fact, your face no matter how good you applied your makeup is with a statement until your eyebrows are done. Badly done eyebrows can make you look angry or rude, which can also lower down your esteem or confidence. You should properly do your eyebrows and for this making a right and effective use of eyebrows brush is a right help that comes in your way in the process.

Thing Required:

– A good quality brush.


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    Waxing of Eyebrow

    Before brushing up your eyebrow hair, you should get it waxed professionally at a beauty salon. Make sure they use quality products, as a poor quality product can damage your hair. A perfectly waxed eyebrow can rightly guide you for eyebrow plucking and tweezing.

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    Selection of Brush

    Pick a better quality brush, if you do not have it already. Also, select a brush that has a comb with it. Both, comb and brush are essential for the way you want to shape your eyebrows. You can buy a quality brush at your local drug store at a reasonable price.

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    Tweezing of Stray Hair

    You can pluck or tweeze your eyebrow hair while brushing it to opposite direction of waxed eyebrows. This can give your eyebrow a fine line, and removal of stray hair can make your eyebrow even more transparent. Then brush back the hair to its natural position.

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    How to Brush Eybrow

    You can conceive shape of your eyebrow according to your face. For example, if your face is round, you can brush your hair upward to give it a flattering touch. Also, you can use either brush or comb to brush your hair. The comb part of the brush has tough teeth and your hair will be brushed harder. You can also use an eyebrow colour from your makeup selection. Be assured the colour adds to the natural colour of your eyebrows hair, it should not fade it out.

    You should start brushing the hair from middle of the eyebrow and then move towards the left end gradually. Starting from thick end of the eyebrows does not help brush eyebrows, since hair is thick and hard. Instead, it will create an impression that you have a stray hair on the top of your eyebrows.

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