How to Build a Computer Easy

Although, you can easily get a branded computer from any company outlet or PC shop, you will not be able to customise the branded computer according to your needs and wants. Furthermore, you may have to spend more money to get a branded computer as compared to custom building your own computer.

If you are looking to build a computer in an easy way, to enjoy a customised IT experience and to save some money, you will have to follow some basic guidelines and a particular method.

Things Required:

– Motherboard
– Central processing unit (CPU) with fan (usually sold together) which matches your motherboard
– Random access memory (RAM) which matches your motherboard
– Desktop computer case with power supply
– Hard drive
– DVD-ROM drive
– Monitor with video cable
– Operating system (such as Windows or Linux)


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    First of all, you have to get the components of your computer. The main components include CPU, RAM and motherboard. You can easily get the required components from a local computer store. It is extremely important for you to buy the components which are compatible with each other because not all motherboards support all types of CPUs and RAMs. In addition, don’t buy the latest components as their market value falls too quickly.

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    After getting the main components, buy the remaining parts including hard drive, DVD-ROM drive and monitor. You can easily get the parts from a computer shop. Besides, you can also order them online if you wish.

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    Next, you have to buy your operating system. Windows by Microsoft is the most widely used operating system. However, you can register only one user with a single package of Windows. Other famous operating systems are offered by Apple Inc. and Linux. You must know that the Linux operating system, named Ubuntu, is open source software and free to use.

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    Now, install the CPU fan, CPU and RAM in your motherboard. You must read out all the instructions given on your CPU before installing the components. Attach your motherboard to the case with the screws and tighten them. Then, connect the DVD-ROM drive with your motherboard. Make sure all the ports are out on their respective places and everything is installed in a proper manner.

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    After that, connect the monitor cable, mouse and keyboard with your system. In the end, connect the power cable and press the switch to turn on the system.

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