How to Build a Computer Monitor

Computer monitor is one of the most important system accessories. There are many different types of monitors available in the markets, but, if have become bored of flat screen monitors, you can build one of your own. Building a customised computer monitor is not very difficult. All you need are some specialised tools and equipments to get the job done.

Things Required:

– Screws
– L-channels (metal bars that have a 90-degree angle)
– Plexiglas (large enough to cover your monitor)
– Dremmel tool
– Hammer
– Safety glasses
– Dust mask


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    First of all, you must have a flat screen monitor in a good condition. If you don’t have it, you can easily buy it from the market. Just make sure that it works properly before paying the price. On the other hand, if you don’t have time to visit the market, you can also order for it on an online store.

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    After getting the monitor, you have to unscrew it. Then, remove the outer case of the monitor. It is extremely important for you to remove the case gently because the locks are made up of light plastic and may break down with a little harder pull.

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    Now, you have to decide where you want to place the screws in the upper and lower sides of the monitor’s frame. If your monitor is large in size, you will have to distribute the screws in a manner that the weight is distributed evenly. Then, take the drill machine and make holes carefully.

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    Make the frame of your monitor with the 3 pieces of L-channel. Ensure every piece is attached firmly with each other before taking any further steps. You will have to make holes in the L-channel so as to fix them in the frame properly.

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    Take the necessary measurement to assess the need for any additional screws. Furthermore, you may have to shorten the screws with the help of the dremmel tool in order to tighten the frame through the Plexiglas.

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    Now, you have to cut the Plexiglas into two pieces. Set the first piece on your monitor and make the base with the second piece. Make the necessary holes with the drill machine and screws the Plexiglas pieces. The second piece of the Plexiglas must be attached with the third piece of L-channel to create the base of your monitor.

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