How to Build a Good Wardrobe

Tired of the same old dresses? Feel like revamping your whole wardrobe for the new season? Got a bonus you want to spend on shopping? It can be an overwhelming process. Having a good wardrobe which fulfills the need for your lifestyle is very important because it is our wardrobe that defines a large part of our personality. Small or huge, bright or mute, your wardrobe should be enough to get you through the days in an elegant manner. Our step by step guide has some tips to make this task easier and fun for you.


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    Sort through

    Take out the contents of your existing wardrobe. Sort through the items and select those that you are still going to use. Some might have gone old, out of season or simply too boring to wear. Get rid of these and make room for new ones. Make the list of the new things that you are going to need. It does not have to be a onetime shopping spree. You can go slow, buying stuff when you need it and adding it to your wardrobe.

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    The basics

    Determine your right size. Build your wardrobe from the primary colors and extending to the secondary ones. Make it a slow but thoughtful process. Plan for the seasons and keep track of the sales in the markets to take benefit of the reduced prices. Your dressing should represent your personality in both the colors and styles. You can also make interchangeable selection like one jeans could serve with two three shirts and take a multicolored scarf with several dresses. A wardrobe with the right balance of colors, textures and styles could be the backbone of a successful you.

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    Make the divisions

    Your wardrobe should have the right mix of the casual and formal outfits. This mix heavily depends on your lifestyle, career, weather and preference. Some people go to work in casual clothes, so their wardrobe has a majority of jeans and cotton pants with tees and polo shirts. Others need a good collection of dress pants, collared shirts and suits to support their work life. Some of us have a regular workout routine and need sports clothes like track suits for this. No one knows your needs like you do.

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    For those who can spare a little bit more money, buy a shoe pair with every dress you are buying so that there is a great match or contrast. Buying shoes in several neutral colors like black, white and grey gives you an option of pairing them up with several clothes. There should be a good mix of the type of shoes, depending on your lifestyle and the weather of your area. There should always be a pair of joggers, sneakers or running shoes to cope for days when you cannot wear open ones. Simple flip flops are ideal for wearing indoors. Most men keep the primary black and brown leather shoes for work while women have a greater choice of flat shoes and heels when it comes to both work and informal events.

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    Accessories like jewelry, belts and studs enhance the attractiveness of your dressing and make it more appealing. Get accessories that match or contrast well with your outfits. There are some neutral accessories like silver and gold jewelry which can be paired up with any dress. Likewise black and white belts go with most outfits.

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    Take care of your wardrobe

    Keeping your wardrobe organized and taking care of the items not only makes your own life easier but also extends the life of the items. Make divisions for different sections and label them if it seems appropriate. Dry clean the delicate and expensive fabrics. Keep the formal and informal clothes in separate sections. You can also separate the dresses, shirts and the pants. Shoes mostly occupy the lowest section. However, many people hang shoe holders on the inner wardrobe doors if they run out of space. Be innovative and utilize the space well.

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