How to Build a Mobile Gym in 30 Minutes

Building a mobile gym can be strenuous, especially if you are trying it for the first time. With a plethora of gym equipment available in the market out there, you are definitely going to get confused, as which one to select. Equipment can include home gym machines, benches, barbells, dumbbells, mats, ab machines and a lot more. What are you going to do when you just have limited space and a budget to stick to?


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    First off, you need to understand that not all gym equipment is for you. When you are in the market, you will be perplexed, wondering which equipment to go for. ‘Home gym’ machines that allow you to perform exercises such as bench presses, pec dec, rowing, pull downs, bicep exercises and tricep pushdowns are best for those who want an easy way out. Such machines can save space but are extremely expensive and of little use.

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    Get a set of dumbbells. Today, you can find dumbbell sets that are portable and extremely functional. Some popular ones include Bowflex, Jillian Michaels, Powerback and Body Solid dumbbell sets. You can perform almost all exercises with these dumbbell sets and they are portable and mobile too.

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    Getting barbells for bench presses, bicep curls and bent over rowing is a good idea but they might be difficult to carry around. Best bet would be to get your hands on small to medium sized barbells. A medium sized barbell would be best, as it will allow you to perform chest, back, shoulder and bicep exercises.

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    Get two medium sized floor mats for ab exercises. Since you will be performing chest exercises on the floor too, these mats will be of great use for you. Try to get thick mats that can last for long.

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    Kettlebells are great to include in your mobile gym. They will allow you to perform exercises such as front shoulder raises, goblet squats and the like. Kettlebells are easily movable and can add variations to your mobile gym.

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    One medium sized barbell, a portable dumbbell set, a kettlebell and two mats make your entire mobile gym. These equipment can be replaced with each other too. For instance, you can always carry the dumbbell set if you do not wish to take the barbell and kettlebell with you.

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