How to Build a Toboggan Run

It is important to plan a toboggan run carefully, especially if you will be adding twist and turns to along the path and then there is the safety factor which must be taken into consideration. After you have planned the run properly, a pair of snowshoes and a shovel is all you will require to fashion the toboggan run. Moreover, choosing the right location for the run is also of paramount importance. Here is how you can build a perfectly safe toboggan run and enjoy your time tobogganing down the hill with your friends and family.


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    Wear a pair of snowshoes so that you will not slip while walking in the snow. Start at the bottom of the planned snow that you will be using for the run and work your way all the way to the top. Compact and shovel snow on your way. The channel you create should be two and one-half feet or more in width.

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    To make tobogganing more exciting, sculpt an appropriate number of turns along the toboggan run. Make sure that the turns you sculpt are fairly wide with smooth sides. Sharp turn may become the cause of an accident because the kinetic energy build-up while taking a sharp turn may throw you off the run. Remember to create a banked snow wall on each turn that you build along the track.

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    Make a return trip down the hill after reaching the top of the toboggan run. Take care of any imperfections that might have gone unnoticed while you went uphill. Ensure that the run is inclined downwards all along its length, the snow is compact and the turns are smooth.

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    Test the toboggan track after you are fully satisfied. Make a test run on a toboggan, making fine changes one your way downhill if required. Although the initial run may not be very smooth but once all the imperfections have been dealt with, the runs to follow will become much more exciting and thrilling.

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