How to Build an Eco Friendly House

With increase in awareness, more people are opting to go eco-friendly when they are constructing new houses. Eco-friendly houses are not only good for the environment but also cheaper to manage in the long run. Furthermore, building these types of houses has several benefits for homeowners, including cutting down costs and providing a healthier atmosphere. However, you should remember that a building an eco-friendly house will cost you considerably more as compared to a normal build.


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    Calculate the costs

    Before you start, you need to do the math for building an eco-friendly house. Make all your calculations keeping in mind the higher initial cost of an eco-friendly house (5% - 25% more). You should research the eco-friendly features you require and analyze how they can benefit you in the long run.

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    Pick eco-friendly materials for construction

    You need to choose eco-friendly materials for building your house. It is recommended to buy materials which are produced locally, are sustainable and need little processing when they are manufactured. You should consult a professional builder before purchasing these materials to make sure you only get what is required.

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    Install water saving devices

    You should use water conservation devices in your house. Install these devices on all the sinks and showers in the house. Besides this, you can install a rain water tank, which collects rain water and let's you reuse it for washing, gardening and flushing purposes.

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    Use solar panels for energy

    Use energy from the sun by installing solar panels on your roof. It is also advisable to install large double panel windows on the northern side of your house and use solar panels for heating water.

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    Double insulation in ceilings

    Install double insulation in the ceilings in order to ward off heat from the sun during summers. You should also insulate the house properly to save more energy.

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    Buy energy efficient appliances

    Purchase energy efficient appliances and light bulbs for your house. You don't need to buy everything at once if you can't afford it. Get the appliances you need first, and then slowly keep adding new ones with time.

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    Improve indoor air quality

    Use safe paints and avoid using dust attracting materials, like carpeting, in the house. You can have hardwood flooring, which is easier to clean.

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