How to Build an Emergency Shelter From a Poncho

Building an emergency shelter from a poncho is certainly important when you are out on a hiking trip in the wilderness. You cannot reject the idea that sometimes you face different and unpredictable kinds of situations during any adventurous trip as you need to build an emergency shelter from a poncho. It is also a possibility that if you are lost in the forest during your hiking trip then it will be very important for you to build an emergency shelter from a poncho if you want to survive the dangerous weather conditions.


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    Emergency Shelter

    Emergency shelter is very important in places where you do not have anything else except wilderness which might give you very hard time if you remain out with lots of wild life. It is very important that you should know how to build an emergency shelter not only from a poncho but from many other things which you can find in a forest. Before even going onto this type of trip, you must learn about all potential ways of building an emergency shelter from a poncho. It is quite possible that you can get lost in the wilderness and once you are, you need to do certain things to survive. You need to know how to build an emergency shelter. This type of shelter will protect you from wind and rain. A rain poncho shelter can give you enough time to wait for any rescue team to come. It is also important to know that this type of shelter is an old scouting tip which is very valuable.

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    Making a shelter from poncho

    First you should unfold the poncho and open it wide while you also need to tie the hood closed for the grommets to close.

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    Tie end of the rope around the rock and fabric

    Now you should see how you can tie the poncho. Find a rock in the wilderness and tie the rope of the poncho.

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    Spreading other corners

    Once you have tied one corner of the poncho, now try to tie the other corners after spreading them. Your emergency shelter is now ready.

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