How to Build an MMA Cage

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is popular extreme sport, which involves wrestling, karate and kickboxing at the same time. The competitions of MMA are performed within a hexagonal steel cage and the fighters only get out of it after they have defeated their opponent or have fallen down being defeated. Constructing an MMA cage requires special care, as is has to contain strong wrestlers within it and have to bear heavy blows from their bodies crashing onto it. You can make your own MMA ring at home and you won’t have much trouble in doing so.


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    You have to select ample space for constructing the fighting cage. Normally, the MMA cage is 32 feet in diameter and you need to have some more space than the exact size of the cage.

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    Begin with making the bottom section of the octagonal cage. Take a three-way steel connector and insert a steel pipe into one of its ends. Work around its perimeter.

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    Take some old tires of the same size and pile them up inside the octagon shape you have marked. Different sized tires will result in uneven surface. Pack the piles of old tires as closely as you can, as they will provide the support for your actual fight surface.

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    Take a plywood sheet and cut an octagon out of it, it a diameter of 32 feet. Make sure all the sides of the octagon are having an angle of 67.5 degrees between them and have a length of 12 feet 3 inches.

  • 5

    The backing material is to be screwed to the underside of the fight surface and run it along all the seam and edge.

  • 6

    Use 7-foot long steel pipes into the spaces in all the three-way connectors and add these uprights to your MMA steel cage.

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    After working on the bottom side, you have to join the remaining three-way connectors on the top of all the upright pipes.

  • 8

    Take a step ladder and insert 12-foot long steel pipes at the top of the uprights. You will need the assistance of a helper to hold on the pipes while you install them on the top. Again work on the perimeters in the same manner as you did on the bottom of the cage.

  • 9

    Once the steel frame is complete, you have to wrap the fencing material snugly around the steel pipes. Again you will need assistance from a helper to hold on the fencing material snugly around one corner and then keep wrapping it on all the sides of the octagon.

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