How to Build the Perfect Snowman with Your Hands

During the winter season, one of the most entertaining and creative things to do while you are outside enjoying the snow is to build a snowman. While enjoying the fresh winter breeze, you can somehow indulge yourself into making something creative. In order to make a snowman, you must understand that you will require snow on the ground. Moreover, for your own good, you should wear gloves or mittens so that your hands don’t freeze. Once you believe these two requirements have been fulfilled, follow the following steps to make your own snowman.


  • 1

    First of all you need to see whether the snow in your area is ‘packing snow’. This means that once you try to put this snow together, does it easily clump together or is it too wet? If you want to make the perfect snowman, the snow must pack.

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    If the snow starts to pack, use your hands and start making a big snowball. Keep adding more snow to the ball until it’s too large for you to hold it in your hands. The more time you invest in making the ball, the rounder it will be.

  • 3

    Once you have made the ball, put it on the snow covered ground and start rolling the ball away from you. You will notice how the snowball is getting bigger since more snow is going to accumulate outside your ball. Keep pressing the ball with your gloved hands and the ball will keep getting bigger.

  • 4

    Keep rolling and packing the ball until it is of the size you really want your snowman’s lower body to be.

  • 5

    Now you need to make the mid-section ball. Make sure that the bottom most ball should be the biggest and the one on top should be the smallest.

  • 6

    In case your snowman is having trouble standing straight, you can always use sticks on the sides.

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    Once the two balls have been completed, use anything dark and round to make the eyes. A stick or a twig can easily make a mouth while the carrot is famous for the nose.

  • 8

    Cover the top of your snowman with a hat. However, make sure that the hat is secured since there is a change that the heavy breeze might blow it away.

  • 9

    Now you can add the arms and other accessories according to your requirements. For instance you can add a scarf on the neck and sticks for the arms with mittens at the end.

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