How to Burn 200 Calories Today

Burning calories is not as hard as we think it is. We are burning them with every little bit that we do in our lives. Even when we are sleeping, our body functions are being run with the help of energy that is done by burning calories.

If you are looking to lose weight and get into better shape, now is the perfect time to start. Never leave it till tomorrow as you will never get time and you have to take it out. Burning an extra 200 calories a day is not a big deal and can be done with ease.


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    This is the best exercise in the world. It is something that does not strain your body and provides us with an opportunity to get into better shape and lose weight at the same time. All you need to do is take some time out of your schedule and go to the local park for a nice stroll. It is fine if you perform the same task on your treadmill as the impact will be similar.

    A brisk walk can help you burn up to 240 extra calories per hour. Not only does this have an immediate effect but also keeps your metabolism working better for the rest of the day which is an added advantage.

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    Recent research has shown that running is even better for burning calories should you be able to do so. The same distance run can help you in burning around 25% more calories than walking. This is because of greater amount of oxygen being consumed by your body.

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    Any kind of sports will be great for burning some extra calories. You can have a friendly game of table tennis or go for some football practice as you will be burning calories at a greater rate than your normal routine. While you have fun, you will be getting into better shape at the same time.

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    Light Exercise

    Doing some light exercises like jumping or resorting to jumping jacks can help. They are not a lot of stress on your body and help you in burning a good number of calories with a lot of ease. Just make sure that you stretch well before you exercise as doing it suddenly can injure you.

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