How to Burn JPEG to DVD

JPEG, a common method of storing digital photographs of lower compression, is one of the most popular ways of storing digital image files. It is compressed in such a way that the size of the file reduces in a significant manner, but the quality does not drop in a greater way.

Most of the people prefer to save digital images in this format in their personal computers, as these take very limited amount of space on computer’s hard disk. In addition, sharing these pictures on the World Wide Web is also extremely easier, as uploading these small sized images do not take much of a time.

In order to preserve these valuable digital photographs, many people prefer to burn them on a DVD. However, several of these people hesitate burning images on the disc themselves, and prefer to visit a professional to make sure that all the images have been burned properly to the DVD.

Whereas, burning JPEG files to DVD is extremely simple, and any person with a little bit of computer knowledge can do the task comfortably.

Things Required:

Writable DVD Drive (Burner)


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    Windows Mode:

    Open your Writable DVD Drive (Burner), and place the DVD-R in it. Close the drive. In the autorun menu, there will be an option to burn the DVD. Click on it, and a window will appear. Copy all the JPEG files in that window, and then click on the ‘Burn DVD’ button on your left pane. Another menu will appear once you click on the ‘Burn DVD’ option. Select the speed of your burning process and name your DVD before clicking on the ‘Burn’ button. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process, depending upon the total amount of data. Once the burning process is complete, the drive will automatically eject the DVD, and you can safely place it in your DVD bag.

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    With the Help of a DVD Burning Software:

    After inserting the DVD-R, open your preferred DVD-burning software. Select ‘Burn Disc’ option, and choose a ‘Data DVD’ option.

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    Select all the JPEG files you want to burn, and drag them into the blank DVD. A normal DVD-R can hold up to 4.1 gigabytes of data easily, and an average JPEG file is around 1 megabyte, meaning that one can easily burn around 1500 JPEG files in a single DVD. After selecting all the files, click on the ‘Burn’ or ‘Write’ button to initiate the burning process. Once the process is complete, the DVD Drive will automatically eject, and you can take out the DVD-R to keep it in the cover or DVD bag.

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