How to Buy a Bocce Ball Set

In the past few years, the Italian form of lawn bowling has become really popular among many enthusiasts in the United States. More and more sporting good stores are now selling equipments for this interesting game, which needs concentration, skill and accuracy.

If you also like to play lawn bowling and are planning to purchase a new set of bowls, then you should make sure that you are purchasing authentic set of balls. There are many grades and qualities of these balls available in the market, and to make a proper choice, this article will provide you with the basic guidelines.


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    You should invest some time in exploring different online websites that provide you with high quality complete set of bocce balls. You can just navigate through a search engine, like Google and Yahoo, and search for different websites that offer good deals of bocce ball sets.

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    Bocce balls are made up of either wood or brass. Don not buy the balls made out of any other material, unless and until it is your intention to go for the low quality stuff.

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    Usually, a bocce ball set includes eight balls and a user manual that includes information related the rules of playing the game and on how to set the court. The price for high quality bocce balls range from $80 to $150, depending on the brand and the overall quality.

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    You should also visit different bocce-themed websites and look for various tools which you can purchase to make your playing experience better.

    For instance, you can purchase a measuring device, which you can use to get rid of disputed calls from the games your play.

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    You can also visit different forums and blogs related to bocce balls and see what people say about different websites where you can find your desired set of balls. Read different reviews, and compare the prices on different websites before making your final decision.

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    If you are not a regular lawn bowling player and just like to have good time with friends playing lawn bowling, then you can go for inexpensive bocce ball set. You can purchase such sets from your local sporting goods store, for a price of around $30 to $40.

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