How to Buy Fencing Equipments

Fencing is a proper sport which requires the use of protective clothing and other equipment. Items such as a mask, jacket, knickers, knee socks, shoes and a few spare blades all fall under the category of equipment that is required for a round of fencing. You should make sure that fencing equipment meets certain standards before you actually purchase it at a fencing supply store. Price, level of comfort and protection, and quality of stitching are some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to choose the best kind of fencing equipment.


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    Look for a face mask that has sufficient interior padding. Moreover, the mask should fit comfortably and should not put pressure on your chin or face. If the mask seems slightly loose, squeeze the mask by putting it under your arm and then check if it fits properly. Similarly, if you feel that the mask is a little too tight, you should be able to fix it by slightly pulling its sides apart with your hands.

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    The fencing jacket you buy should be well-padded and stitched. Jackets stitched in a quilted pattern offer a better level of protection as compared to ordinarily stitched jackets.

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    Choose a pair of properly fitted knickers and socks. The socks you choose should cover the entire length of your lower legs, and should reach all the way under the knickers’ cuffs.

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    Buy a pair of fencing shoes and gloves. Make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable to walk in and that the gloves you buy fit properly. Furthermore, the sleeves of your jacket should fit into the cuffs of the fencing gloves.

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    Purchase a standard Italian or French foil. Make sure that the foil you choose does not has an orthopaedic grip. If such a foil is not available for some reason, request that it be ordered so that you can purchase it later. Moreover, you will need a wrist strap if you buy an Italian foil instead of a French foil.

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