How to Buy HOA Foreclosures

As soon as a public notice appears from a lender about a foreclosure, the competition for buying that particular home increases manifolds. Everyone wants to grab the opportunity, and in that rush of investors you can look for an opportunity in a Home Owners Association (HOA) foreclosures. There are some signs that indicate well before that a home owner is in trouble in keeping up with regular payments of mortgage and it is possible that they intend to seek bailing out of the difficulty gradually. This is time you think of investment in a HOA foreclosure.


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    HOA Assessment Payment Termination

    When you hear that a home owner has stopped paying HOA assessment to the association, this is an indication that the owner is in financial trouble. Sometimes the owners stop paying the assessment well before they do their mortgage payment, so try to contact them if they are moving towards a foreclosure and if so, this is a right opportunity for you to offer yourself to invest in the property. This is the time when the outside market is not aware of the opportunity and you can capitalize on it quietly.

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    Increase in HOA Assessment

    Many home owners are declaring bankruptcies after failing to honour their mortgage commitments on their hopes. This means that by law HOA cannot collect its dues from the home owner. This forces the association to increase assessment fee and pass on the burden on other home owners, and given many of them are already struggling under financial burden, they collapse due to sudden increase in the fee and go for foreclosure.

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    HOA Powers and Foreclosures

    A home owners association has powers to foreclosure on a property if its dues on the home owner are amounted to a certain level. The powers are run by laws of the association. This is another possibility that an opportunity of investment is presented to you.

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    Pre Foreclosure Investment

    There is a possibility that you can invest in HOA homes even before foreclosure. It is through reading public notices of defaults put up by the association, but be assured it can attract hundreds of other interested parties who are on the look for bargain. Although it is difficult, try to ask the association in advance if they have such property on display in notice so that can you jump onto the opportunity even before others hear or read about it.

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