How to Can Dried Beans at Home

Canning is done to preserve one specific item for a longer period of time. You may find the idea of canning beans a little awkward, because the dried beans already have a long life. Nevertheless, canning the beans is pretty useful because of multiple reasons.

Firstly, it takes less time to prepare a can of beans than preparing the dried ones. Secondly, the shelf life of dried beans is not that long. If the dried beans have been stored beyond 6-8 months, they may remain hard even after proper cooking. Furthermore, the dried beans don’t taste good, if they have been stored for long..

Things Required:

– Pressure Canner
– 5 pounds of dried beans – your choice of variety
– Canning Salt
– 2 Gallon Stock pot (two of them if you can get them)
– Long handled spoon
– Small sauce pan
– 20 to 22 pint canning jars (or 10-12 Quarts)
– Canning lids and rings
– Jar Lifter
– Magnetic lid wand
– Canning funnel
– Measuring spoons
– Ladle or glass measuring pitcher
– A couple of old towels or scrap rags


  • 1

    The procedure starts with washing the beans. Once they have been rinsed with water, separate all the damaged ones Otherwise they will ruin the taste.

  • 2

    The second step is placing the beans in a 2-gallon stock pot. Don’t forget to cover them with water. The volume of water should at least be two times the beans.

  • 3

    Turn on the burner, and boil the beans. It is always better to simmer them at least for 60 minutes. To avoid any overcooking, you need to stir occasionally. One can also add extra water if required.

  • 4

    The next step is about filling the jars. They should be neat and sterilized. Put the drained beans inside the jar, leaving at least 1¼-inch head space.

  • 5

    Add half table spoon of canning salt. After adding it, top off each jar with juice. However, you need to give at least half an inch head space. Before putting the caps, properly wipe rims of the jars with a paper towel. Tighten the lids accurately.

  • 6

    In case you don’t have an industrial seized canner, two rounds are required to can the dried beans. The process is really simple.

    First of all, put at least 3” water in the canner, and bring it to boil. Now, place the jars in the canner.

    After locking down the lid accurately, vent the canner for 8-10 minutes. The jars should be processed at not more than 10 PSI for 40 minutes. Let the pressure drop off naturally, and remove the jars after that. Preserve your jars at a dry place, preferably in the refrigerator.

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