How to Capture Depth of Field in Photography

Depth of field is important in determining the distance between the object in a photograph. The phenomenon of depth of field makes some objects appear closer to the camera than the rest. As a photograph is flat, you can get the feel of distance by the sharpness or blurriness of objects in the picture. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to know the importance of depth of field and it shouldn’t take an amateur photographer long before understanding these things in their photos. Learn how to capture depth of field in photography by follow some basic steps.


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    Choosing a smaller aperture setting is one way of increasing the light entering the lens of your camera. This is an effective way to capture depth of field while taking a photograph. You need to remember that as you decrease the number of the aperture, it will open wider. While the small number will let in more light as it will also focus strongly on a particular object, making other objects look blurry in the photograph.

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    Another way to capture depth is by using a macro lens on your camera. In a digital camera this lens will help the photographer to focus on a single object, while blurring the background. This will give you a much better depth of field.

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    Using a telephoto lens, you can increase the depth of field by zooming out after moving closer to the object. This will give you a wide-angle. In this lens the depth of field will be short as objects appear closer. A better contrast level will be achieved if you move towards the subject and then zoom out.

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    For depth of field, you can also make changes in the ISO (sensitivity) settings by putting them on high which would then allow you to easily use a smaller f-stop. Setting the ISO low actually limits your capacity as to how wide the aperture can be adjusted.

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    Online depth of field calculators can also be put into use in order to adjust the setting of your camera. Learn how to use these online calculators to help reduce the time it might take for capturing the depth of field.

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    Proper and professionally adjusted lighting can also give an illusion of greater depth of field. By focusing the light on a single object, the background will look dull leading to the impression of a better depth of field. Learn how to use various lighting techniques to help you capture depth of field in your photography.

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