How to Care for a Spider Plant

Spider plant, also known as Air-plane Plant, is one of the ever green indoor plants. You can use this beautiful plant as an impressive addition to the overall internal decoration of your place. It has been given the name due to its overall spider-like look and the siderettes, dangling down from the main plant just like spiders on a web. You can also set it in the external portion of your house to make your own mini nursery.

Spider plant has great contribution in purifying your environment as it naturally blessed with a capability to clean the invisible dust particles in the air. With knowledge, care and attention, you can sustain your spider plant for longer period of time, keeping it look and feel great.


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    Lighting for a Spider Plant

    Spider plant requires proper lighting for a good growth. Place it somewhere that receiver bright light. However, direct fall of light can affect its growth. The lighting should be neither to bright nor too dull. An area near windows or main door can be ideal location to accommodate it.

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    Watering of a Spider Plant

    Spider plant prefers only light watering. So feed it only when its soil is lightly dry. Watering it once every two weeks is enough. Given below are the three situations that you really have to careful while watering your spider plant:

    - If the greenery of your spider plant starts to show a yellow halo or black tips, it means you are over dozing it with water.

    - If your spider plant starts to shed its green parts, it is the right time to water it.

    - If the greenery starts to change colour and become brown with time, it means that the water contains chemicals. So change it and shift to distilled water.

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    Fertilization of a Spider Plant

    Use fine quality house-plant fertilizer as a fodder for your spider plant. Fertilizing once after 2 to 3 months would be enough. Over-fertilizing can adversely affect the growth and nourishment of the spider plant. Therefore, make sure to dilute the recommended strength of the fertilizer in half as spider plant prefers very limited fertilizing.

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    Pot a Spider Plant properly

    Garden soil is not good for the growth of the spider plant, so use houseplant soil. You can purchase it from your nearest plant nursery. Potting after 2 to 3 months can have positive impact on the health of your plant.

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    Prune a Spider Plant

    Adopt right pruning techniques to keep your spider plant in shape. Trim off the extra leaves and dry leaf tips, using a harp scissor.

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    Control Pests attack on a Spider Plant

    Various insects can destroy your spider plant and can ruin your overall efforts that you make to groom it. Therefore, check your plant from all angles. Inspection per day or at least once in a week is must to know about any sort of pest attack. If you find any sort of insects, treat them with a soap and water mixture. Spray the plant time to timer per day until you do away with the pest attack.

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    Suitable Temperature for Spider Plant

    Temperate between 4.5 to 29.5 °C (40 to 85 symbol °F) is perfect for the growth of a Spider Plant.

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