How to Care For Alpine Goats

Having alpine goats on your farm can be a fun-filled activity. These goats are not only easy to care for but they will keep you indulged in entertaining activities as well. Alpine goats have certain characteristics and require a bit different sort of care from other animals you have on your farm. Apart from appropriate food, you have to take certain caring measures to ensure your alpine goats are kept healthy and earn you a good fortune.


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    You have to ensure to give proper combination of food and milk to the alpine goats if they are not weaned as yet. Get them use to it at tender age.

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    By the time they are 10 to 12 weeks old, you can decide whether to let them keep their horns or grind them off. Alpine goats will have smaller and relatively softer horns at this age and it will be easy to remove them if you desire to do so.

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    Alfalfa hay is the most suitable food for alpine goats. Sufficient of this particular hay in the morning and the evening will ensure proper growth of goats. For bringing in a little variety to their diet, you can present them with corn or alfalfa pellets. Alpine goats do not eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time and you need not to worry for arranging large quantities of food for them.

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    Ample supply of water should be provided to alpine goats, as they drink a lot. Always keep their water buckets or bowls filled with fresh water so that they can drink as much water as they can all the time.

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    Female alpine goats are a supply of fresh milk for you every day. You can take them to your milk station where they don’t have enough space to turn their heads or run away. You can put some sweet corn in front of the milk station, so that the goat is busy and eating it out and you can easily milk them without any danger of kicking from them.

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    You need to check out for their grooming every year and make sure they are growing at a decent rate. Brushing them and cleaning their hooves periodically ensures that your alpine goats do not catch any diseases.

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    Your goat pen should be properly cleaned regularly. In cold weathers, you can also arrange for appropriate insulation for your goats so that they don’t fall sick.

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