How to Care for an Indoor Bamboo Plant

Bamboos are evergreen plants which can be grown in a pot of water or soil inside your house. It is believed to bring good luck and that is why it also known as lucky bamboo. Indoor bamboo plants not only improve beauty of your house from inside but also places fresh air and are easy to take care of. Bamboo plants become more sensitive when placed inside of your house. However, right conditions and environment can result in their good growth and life.


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    Get a healthy bamboo plant

    First of all you need to buy or get a healthy bamboo plant. You can check it by smelling them. If they are giving a good smell then they are in good health and it is ok for you to buy them. Your bamboo plants should also look fresh.

    In case the bamboo plants are giving bad odour then you should not get them as their life will be limited.

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    Plant in a wider pot

    After buying the lucky bamboo, get a pot which is wider than the plant. It should be almost two to three inches larger than the size of plant.

    You pot should also be wider from the top in comparison with bottom. This will help protect the roots of your plants from getting damage.

    Note that a bamboo plant can either be grown in water or soil, depending on your preferences.

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    Regularly wash plant and change water if grown in water

    If you are growing lucky bamboo in water then regularly wash the plant and change water on weekly basis. This will prevent it from rooting.

    To improve the look of your plant grown in water you can add decorative stones in the pot or vase.

  • 4

    Fully saturate the pot when watering

    If you are growing your plant in soil then you need to make sure that water reaches all parts of the pot when you are watering the lucky bamboo.

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    Keep the soil damp when watering

    If your plant is grown in soil then make sure the soil is kept damp when you are watering.

  • 6

    Location of the lucky bamboo

    You need to put your indoor bamboo plant near a window so it can get the right amount of sunlight. These plants require almost six hours of sunlight so place your lucky bamboo wisely.

    Remember that too much direct sunlight can damage the plant and less amount will weaken it.

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