How to Catch a Redfish on a Fly Rod

Fishing is one of the best exciting yet difficult activities. Some people consider it boring as the river or sea sites do not appeal to them that much but some people cannot think of any activity better than that. If you are an admirer of natural beauty and have a heart for fishes, then fishing might be best option for you. When it comes to catching a redfish on a fly rod, it is considered relatively difficult as compared to doing the same on spinning rod.


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    Know your temperament

    If you go for fishing on frequent basis, it does not necessarily means that you can wait all day. This requires a lot of patience and control; therefore, if you really want to catch a redfish on a fly rod, you must tell yourself that it can be very exhausting and time taking.  Of course you do not want to waste your day by returning home without your trophy, just because you could not wait a bit more. Thus, you must prepare yourself and start your journey confidently.

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    Find a suitable area

    It is of reasonable importance that you find a suitable area for fishing. Not all the fishes are found at a same place, the appropriate area for redfish is where the weeds are few, and water is clear. Not to mention that you should also look for the feeding redfish and floating grass to ensure you have chosen a reasonable place. One of the most prominent symptoms for finding redfish is jumping Mullet. Mullet tends to jump out of water when they are trying to protect themselves from the attacking redfish.

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    Move your boat to that direction

    After you have spotted the area of redfish, you must move your boat towards it. After you get close enough, you must cast your fly in that area.

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    Wait for the redfish to strike

    After you have sent the cast, you must wait for the redfish to attack it. You must keep drawing the fly towards you to bring the redfish closer.

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    Wait until it is hooked properly

    Do not try to rush things and wait until the redfish is completely hooked. Note that if you make any effort before it is completely hooked, the fish will swim away and you will be back to square one.

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