How to Change a Baby’s Cloth Diaper

You need to know all the basics of how to change a baby’s cloth diaper as one small mistake can affect the baby. You must wash your hands first and gather all the items before starting the process as you cannot leave the baby unattended even for a few seconds. The baby should be distracted as you change the diaper otherwise he or she may get hurt in the process as diaper pins are sharp (this may not be the case if you are using stick-fit diapers). Handing the baby a toy can do the trick for you.

Things Required:

– Changing pad
– Diaper pins
– Baby wipes
– Baby towel
– Cloth diaper


  • 1

    Lay the baby on the changing pad

    First of all, take the baby’s clothes off and lay him or her on a changing pad. A changing pad is very important as placing the baby on the carpet or bed may cause stains. Also, the changing pad is soft and makes the baby comfortable.

  • 2

    Remove the old diaper

    You need to unfasten the pins of the diaper that the child is wearing and lift both feet of the baby to remove it. Set the diaper aside and make sure the dirt does not fall on the changing pad or floor.

  • 3

    Wipe buttocks

    While the feet of the baby are in the air, wipe the buttocks and genitals with the help of baby wipes and make sure the area is clean. Also, wipe the thighs and lower back with another wipe and throw it in the dustbin.

  • 4

    Pat dry with a towel

    Once you are done with the cleaning, pat the area dry with the help of a baby towel and make sure the body does not remain wet. Now apply the nappy rash cream and some powder.

  • 5

    Place new cloth diaper and fasten diaper pins

    Place the new diaper under the baby and put the feet down. You need to make sure the back of the new diaper is placed high enough so that there are no leaks. Fasten the diaper pins and be certain that the diaper is just under the abdomen of the baby. In the end, check nicely whether the diaper pins are fastened firmly.

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