How To Change From a DBA to a LLC

Doing Business As (DBA) allows you to commence business as a sole proprietorship or partnership. On top of it, it also authorises you in presenting your company with an alternate name and assists you in making the transactions under the name of your company. Nevertheless, with an aim of business expansion, people often take the step of moving from DBA to a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Recently, a large number of people are showing interest in registering their business as an LLC as it has numerous benefits. A limited liability company is a company whose liability is limited in the case of default. In case of default, the liability does lie to the extent of assets owned by that particular business keeping the owners wealth out of the harm’s way. Therefore, more and more business owners are increasingly showing concern in registering the firm as an LLC.

You should think carefully while taking the decision about transition as this can have a bad impact if not handled properly. You should be very clear about the things you need to accomplish after this and the things you need to handle in the achievement of a successful transition.

In addition, LLC’s have several advantages and are often protected by the states. In order to change your business from a partnership or sole proprietorship, you need to fulfil a certain criteria and by fulfilling the legal requirements you and your business are good to go.


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    To initiate the transition process, you should check the availability of your DBA name in the list of LLCs. Make sure that your name has not been chosen by anyone else. To confirm this, you can visit the directory of Secretary of State Business. You can also check this information by going to their website and check the availability, if taken by someone else, think of another suitable name for your company.

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    You should obtain the LLC Articles of Organisation from the local office of Secretary of State.

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    Obtain the form and fill in the particulars as per the requirement and submit the documents at the Secretary of state’s office.

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    After the submission, you would have to wait for a few days to get a response from the office.  After your request is approved, you will be sent a copy of signed Articles of Organisation from Secretary of state’s office. Do not try to rush as this often requires a few week.

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