How to Change the Oil From the Top of the Engine

For some cars, you don’t have to crawl down the engine in order to change the oil as you can easily change it from the top. But, you still need some time and tools to change the oil from the top of the engine.

Things Required:

– Topside pump (pella, topsider, other brands)
– Oil filter wrench
– Oil, oil filter
– Plastic bag or other receptacle for oil filter
– Roll of paper towels
– Oil drain pan and wrench for drain plug (if you have not confirmed that topside changes work for your car).
– Funnel


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    First of all, you have to get an oil drain pump from the market. There are a lot of auto part stores from where you can get the oil drain pump. In addition, you can also order for it on online stores which sell auto spare parts. It is extremely important for you to buy good quality oil drain pump. You must know that Pella and Topside are good brands. Then, get the oil, filter and tools for removing the existing oil filter from the car.

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    You will have to obtain a drain pan if you are changing oil for the first time from the topside of your car’s engine. Moreover, you will require a disposable roasting coolant container of 4 litres. If you cannot get a disposable roasting coolant, you can use flat gallon.

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    After that, you have to remove the oil filter. You can read the instructions to change the oil filter on the manual. It will be better for you to remove the filter first until or unless you are very well familiar with your car. If you will be able to remove the filter, then you can easily drain the oil from the engine.

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    Now, take the topside pump tube and insert it into the dipstick. Gently feed it until it hits the bottom of your oil pan in the engine. Don’t push it any further because it will turn in the upward direction. Then, use the pump according to the instructions given in the manual.

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    If you have not been able to take all the oil out of the engine, you can use the conventional way to get the remaining oil out. In the end, you will have to replace the filter and replenish the oil.

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