How to Change the Particulars on Your Passport in London

British nationals can apply for modifications in their passport, if they have to make changes in their name, gender, UK nationality status, or if their appearance has altered to an extent that cannot be recognised from the photo in current passport. If one does not intend to travel across UK or abroad until the passport expires, he or she may wait for expiration. However, if you intend to use your passport, you will need to change current passport according to the new details because you may not be able travel abroad with your old passport. When you apply for a name change, your old passport will be cancelled and you will be issued a new standard ten-year passport. Here is a step by step guide for changing the particulars on your passport in London.

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    How to get application form

    There are four ways by which you can get an application form.

    A) You can complete an online application form available on the official website of the IPS. After you complete the application form, IPS will print it and send to you on your given postal address to ask you to sign and return with the supporting documents. IPS use second class post and therefore you should wait at least one week for delivery.

    Visit IPS Online Application Form Website

    After completing you will get it in the next five working days on the postal address that you provide to IPS in Application form. You will have to sign the form and send it back to the IPS on the given address.

    B) You can also get an application form from the specific post office branch which offers passport check and send service. You can locate your nearest post office in London.

    C) You can call to Passport Advice line and ask IPS to send you up to four passport application forms. IPS use second class postal service so allow at least one week for delivery. Below is given a contact number of the IPS.

    Contact: +44 300 222 0000

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    Particulars Change Fees

    If you are applying for standard passport particulars change service by post which takes about three to six weeks, you will have to accompany £77.50 with the application form. There are one-week Fast Track service and one-day premium service available. The fees for one-week fast track service are £112.50 and fees for one-day premium service are £129.50.

  • 3

    Fill Application form

    You will have to fill the complete application form as you filled while applying for a new passport. However, at this time you will write your changed particulars. If you are applying to make a change in your name then write your changed name in the section 9 of the form. This time you need not to get it sign by anyone else.

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    Supporting Documents

    (a) If you are going to marry or forming a civil partnership with anyone, you will have to provide IPS with PD2 form which is a Passports for Newly Weds and Civil Partners. You can download PD2 form from IPS website

    (b) If you are already married and wanted to change your name, then you will have to provide your marriage certificate to IPS. You can download marriage certificate application form from IPS website.

    (c) If you have made a civil partnership with anyone, you will have to provide a civil partnership certificate to IPS. You can download Civil Partnership Certificate application form from IPS Website.

    (d) If you are going back to your original name, IPS will ask you to enter:

    -       Birth certificate (Download birth certificate application form)
    -       A signed statement saying that you have changed your name
    -       Formal change name documents
    -       Marriage certificate showing both names

    (e) If you have changed gender and want to modify your name, then you will have to provide a proof of your name change showing one of these three documents

    - A certificate of doctor saying that your gender change is permanent
    - A gender recognition certificate
    - A new birth certificate (Download birth certificate application form)

  • 5

    What your completed application form should contain

    After you have completed your application form, it should contain:

    - Completed application form
    - Your current or last passport
    - Two recent, identical photographs
    - And all other supporting document which applies according to you status.

  • 6

    Post the completed application form

    After completing the application form, send it back to IPS using your nearest post office. Your envelope should have completed application form, photographs, supporting documents and fee.

    Visit Post Office Finder to search your nearest post office in London.

  • 7

    Track Your Application

    If you want to track the progress of your application, make sure to note the bar code number before posting it to the Identity and Passport Service. It is ten digit codes on the top of the front page. You can find out the progress of your application by filling online application tracker form. You can also contact Passport Advice Line to get information about your application.

    Contact: +44 300 222 0000
    Visit Application Form Tracker

  • 8

    Receive your Passport

    After specified amount of time your passport will be posted to you on the address that you mentioned in your application form. IPS usually takes three to six weeks to issue you a new passport.

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