How to Change the Spark Plug in a Gas Golf Cart

A spark plug is a component of a vehicle used to ignite the air-fuel mixture, which is then used by the engine to produce power. If the carburettor starts sending wrong air-fuel mixture, then the plug can go out of order. Moreover, the repeated use of the plug can also reduce its effectiveness, which in turn, forces you to replace it with a new one.

Golf carts are very much prone of this type of issue, because they only contain one plug. Once you find out that the plug has worn out, you should it right away, as it can decrease the fuel efficiency of your card to great extent.


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    Before you start working, you must make sure that the cart engine is completely cool. Otherwise, you may suffer severe burns if your skin gets touched with the engine.

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    Pull off the spark plug wire, attached to the back of the spark plug. You may need to apply heavy force, or even twist the wire, in order to pull it off away from the plug.

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    Now, you will have to use a ratchet wrench affixed with a deep socket, in order to twist the spark plug anti-clockwise, which will allow you to take it off from the engine.

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    You should now gap the plug. There must be a precise distance between the plug’s metal tip and the hook which sits right above the tip. You can check the owner’s manual, in a bid to check the proper settings for the gap.

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    Take a feeler gauge and set it according to the settings in the owner’s manual and insert it in the hole. If you feel that the distance you set on the feeler gauge is greater than required, then you can apply some pressure over the hook using the gauge. On the contrary, if the distance is shorter than required, then you can use the gauge’s hook to pry the hook away from the spark plug.

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    Once again, measure the distance between both the points, and check if it is correct, according to the settings.

  • 7

    You can now install the new spark plug, by using a ratchet wrench affixed with a deep socket, and twist it clockwise to fix it in place.

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    Now attach the plug wire back on the plug and twist well, until you find the wire fixed firmly.

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