How to Check for a Firewall on a Computer

Microsoft, since launch of Windows XP, has made the firewall security as an essential part of the operating system. A firewall is built-in program within Windows that protects the integrity of the system from outside security threats. It is a wall that keeps outside intruders, either from the internet or another network attacking the system. In local area networking environment, a firewall protects the system from another system’s attack. It performs a similar function when an attack is launched from an internet source while browsing or surfing.

If defined in simple terms, a firewall can be a hardware, built at purpose of protecting the system, or a software within Windows environment to perform a similar role. It is highly recommended to keep your firewall status on. There is a possibility that your firewall setting is changed by any program, and if you check your firewall status on a regular basis, you can ensure it is alive all the time. If you do not check the status of your computer’s firewall and it is off, your computer is at high risk of attacks, and sometimes damage is severer than you may expect. So it is wise to frequently check firewall settings on your PC. This guarantees protection of your system’s integrity. The process is very easy and not a time-consuming one at all. You just need to follow some simple steps.


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    How To Access

    It is easy to access firewall on your computer or laptop, no matter what version of Windows you are using. Click the Start menu or tab and go to Control Panel.

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    Access of Security Settings

    When you click on the Control Panel, you will be taken to system management Windows, where you find the Add or Remove Programs, Add Printer etc buttons or tabs. From there find System and Security tab. When you click this tab you will see one link taking you to the Firewall.

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    Change Firewall Settings

    Once you click on the System and Security, you will find information about Windows update setting and Firewall Settings options. From there if you click on the Firewall Option, it will show you On (recommended) and Off (Not recommend) options. If you see that the firewall's status is already On, then leave as it is. Click OK and if you have not made any changes you can also click Cancel, but if you have made changes then click OK to allow the changes take effect immediately. If the firewall status on your computer is Off, change it, and click OK. You may restart your computer, which is not often required.

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