How to Choose a Barrel Saddle

If you are planning to compete in a barrel racing event, it is important that you choose the right saddle because without the proper saddle, there is no way you will be able to get the desired performance from your horse.  Apart from creating problems for the, an ill fitted saddle will cause problems for the rider as well at some point of time in the race. You may have to test a few saddles before you can come up with the right one so get ready to spend some time.


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    Size of the saddle depends directly on the size of the horse’s back. Take measurement of the back of your horse with a tape measure so that you can get an idea if you need a saddle with quarter or semi-quarter horse bars because these are the two standard sizes of saddles mostly used.

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    Next it comes to deciding the right seat size. Make sure that the saddle you choose is fitted with a seat which is neither too big, nor too small for you to sit in. If the seat is too big and has extra room in which you can move around, chances are that you will fall off the horse while taking a hard turn. Similarly, if the seat is too small, it will put unnecessary pressure on your body which means you will not be able to ride the horse with complete peace of mind.

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    Once you have decided the saddle size and the seat size, consider you options. It is important to choose a barrel saddle because other types of saddles will not serve the purpose well. Barrel saddles are in various ways different from other types of saddles. For instance, a barrel saddle will have a deeper seat and their horns are made specifically for use in a barrel race.

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    Finally, pick a saddle that best suits your style. You have plenty of saddles to choose from even if you are purchasing the saddle from an average sized store. Take your time and choose a saddle that complements with your riding style.

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