How To Choose a Body Brush for Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most essential parts of skincare. After every few weeks, dead cells are shed by our skin, which must be removed to have a bright and glowing skin.

Exfoliation is achieved mainly by two means, chemical and mechanical. However, there are various processes in both of these two categories through which one can remove all the dead cells.

One of the processes for exfoliation is by using a body brush while taking a bath to rub off all the dead cells. There are several types of brushes in the market, but one must choose a perfect brush according to their skin for exfoliation.


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    Using Brush Wet or Dry:

    There are some brushes in the market that should be used on dry skin while there are some that are meant to be used on wet skin. One must decide before purchasing a body brush whether they want to use it over dry or wet skin. Then according to it, purchase the brush for exfoliation.

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    Always Look for Different Bristle Lengths:

    While purchasing a body brush, always try to go for a brush that has a mixture of short and long bristles, as it works more efficiently. In addition, it lets one exfoliate different parts of the body as well as different skin areas that varies the amount of pressure needed while rubbing.

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    Natural Fibers:

    Always try to purchase a brush whose bristles are made up with natural fibers. They can be made up of hemp, sisal, loofah, jute, goat or boar. A body brush that has natural fibers bristles have the perfect combination of softness and firmness to work efficiently in wiping off the dead cells from your skin while not damaging your underlying skin layer.

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    Always look for a brush that is durable. There are several types of brushes in the market, and some of them are not high quality, and will last only a couple of weeks. A genuine body brush should last around 4 to 6 months if handled with care. However, it is recommended that one should change the brush after 3 months of regular usage.

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    Cleaning without Fuss:

    Try to determine whether the brush that you are going to purchase could be cleaned easily or not, and its bristles are not extremely congested, as cleaning the brush after using it every time is extremely recommended. If one does not clean the brush after usage, bacteria can breed in it that can be harmful for your skin.

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