How to Choose a Dessert for Beef Stew

Beef stew is a popular dinner meal and fruit salad and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips are two of the most popular desserts to go with it. Although the choice of dessert may differ in every household, the main ingredients remain the same. Fruits, cream and sugar are the key components, and they can easily be obtained from your local grocery store or supermarket.

Considering the number of options available, choosing the right beef stew dessert for your family or guests can be a challenging task. Consider following some simple instructions and tips detailed below to choose the perfect dessert for beef stew at home without needing any help from an expert. Finding a light dessert to go with a filling meal can be tough and therefore it is recommended you use lots of fruits.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have all the ingredients in your house to prepare the desserts to go with the stew. As discussed before, fruits can be easily purchased from the grocery store and it is very likely that you will have sugar and cream in your kitchen already.

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    Yorkshire rice, vanilla and chocolate pudding are a few other options you can explore when it comes to serving dessert after your beef stew. You can garnish the pudding with cream or chocolate chips/flakes as per your liking. Chocolate chips/flakes can either be prepared at home using milk chocolate or you can choose to buy ready to eat chocolate chips from your local super market.

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    For a simple dessert, cut all fruits including blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and apples into small pieces and add some whipped cream to enhance the flavor. The cream and fruits will keep the dessert light alongside adding sweetness. Fruits are light and they also play a key role in accelerating the digestion process.

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    Alternatively, if you are low on resources or time, you can choose to serve a classic glass of milk along with some chocolate chip cookies to your guests. This is a simple yet effective dessert, which is equality popular with children and adults.

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