How to Choose a Good Hunting Dog

It is unlikely that there would be a hunter, who would not dream of having a good hunting dog. Frankly, choosing a hunting dog is difficult task and it must be approached with great knowledge and responsibility to avoid possible disappointments in the future because this four-legged friend can affect the outcome of hunting.

Hunting dogs, along with hunting and decorative techniques have different set of skills including muscularity, agility, endurance, low maintenance, and excellent instincts. They are distrustful of strangers, malicious, bold, aggressive and loyal to their master. The most common among them are German Shepherds, Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer and Airedale.

Any hunter knows that in order you need to take a puppy in order to train him and help him become a loyal assistant on the hunt. To coach a puppy with good inborn qualities such as persistence, intuition, quick search – will definitely help an inexperienced hunter.

So, choosing a dog is a responsible action because your decision will determine the fate of the animal that will live by your side for ten to fifteen years.


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    To choose the right hunting dog, you first need to determine the type of hunting that you are most interested than you should check the health of the dog. If the dog has a good pedigree, but has not received proper training, you should only buy it if it has a balanced and calm character.

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    Examine field diplomas of the puppy if any. A diploma speaks about the working quality of the dogs tested by expert handlers. The higher the degree of the field of diplomas, the better will be the hunting dog.

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    It should be noted that males are generally more mobile, stubborn and independent but they require constant monitoring and strict upbringing. However, due to a more powerful body, it is easier to work in harsh field conditions. Females more docile and affectionate and yet easy to train but they hardly can resist the heat while hunting.

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    Paying special attention to the physical condition of the puppy is another important aspect. Choose large puppy with a good appetite. His hair must be clean, smooth and shiny. Ears should be without brown discharge and odour. Eyelids should not be turned out and the eyes should be clear without purulent discharge.

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